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Let the Water Flow

Seeing fountains make my soul bubbly! The water squirting high up into the air or just a steady flow from a conduit refreshes me. In my recent travels, I have seen fountains, oceans, rivers, streams, creeks, and bayous. I have learned spiritual lessons from water faucets and water hoses! Whenever I see water flowing I am always reminded of what Jesus said, “The Holy Writings say that rivers of living water will flow from the heart of the one who puts his trust in Me” (John 7:38 NLV).

I recall the revelation received when watering the plants in my backyard. It is amazing how the simplest things can give spiritual clarity when you are focused on spiritual matters. I turned the spigot on before unwinding the tangled water hose. I wanted to see how long it would take the water to flow since the hose was wrapped and hanging on the spigot. Sure enough, it took too long before the water began flowing freely and in abundance. It was an ah ha moment. That is when I realized some believers have a water flow dilemma.

Some Christian are tangled, wrapped up and hanging on to something that hinders the flow of living water from flowing freely from them to “water” the life of someone that is parched and dry from the heat of affliction and dying from spiritual starvation.

Many are wrapped up and hanging on to religious traditions. Therefore, they are bound and cannot be conduits for God’s Spirit to flow freely through them. It was the religious mindset and customs in Jesus’ time on earth that blinded the Pharisee, Sadducees, and scribes to the truth that Jesus of Nazareth was their Jewish Messiah—King of the Jews.

Many are wrapped up, tangled, and hanging on to worldly systems, philosophies and methodologies that offer no real-life solutions for the depraved behavior and spiritual deprivation we are witnessing in society today. Consequently, the rise in crimes of violence, oppressive agendas, ungodly beliefs and practices are impacting our homes and communities, even our government.

Many are wrapped up and hanging on to their past mistakes and failures; therefore, cannot move forward in faith and hope that is in Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Like plants, when there is no watering, they wither and eventually die. When people do not get the proper care, nourishment and nurturing required to live a fulfilling life, they give up. They lose hope of a better life. They give up on their goals, dreams and life. When we are responsible for watering the plants (lives) in our care and they wither, guess what? We didn’t fulfill our responsibility by making sure they are watered properly.

I am convinced that human beings were created to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually to show forth the glory of God in the earth. For example, God uses us according to His purpose and assignments for our life to impact the life of others. My purpose may be different from yours, but we can work together to fulfill God’s eternal purpose. A biblical perspective is found in 1 Corinthians 3:5-10. We all have a role to play in planting and watering so that God gives increase in the life of others.

We must be the conduits that God can fill up and let the rivers of living water flow freely to water the life of others so that they will not die spiritually. Let the waters flow!


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