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Our Mission

Majestic Worldwide Ministries, Inc. advocates for the Way, the Truth, and the Life, that is Jesus Christ, the King of Glory, by carrying His Word globally to advance His Kingdom in preparation for His return.

Our Commitment

We are committed to publishing and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to evangelize the lost, make and teach disciples how to apply biblical principles in practical living, and live purposefully through faith and hope in Christ. This ministry will work to edify, equip, and unify the Body of Christ by promoting unconditional love for one another, advocating for righteousness and total commitment to the Bridegroom in preparation for His return.



Majestic Worldwide Ministries is an expansion of Majestic Publications, which was originally founded in 1996 as a desktop publishing service provider. The CEO's artistic talents were hidden until she was hired by a desktop publishing small business owner at a critical time in her life. Her years of experience in the desktop publishing field afforded her necessary tools that catapulted her into what she calls “divine purpose.”

In September 2002, Majestic Publications evolved into an online inspirational writing ministry. Emphasis was placed on the power of the written word, and the need for encouragement through the written word. Consequently, the publisher began her literary journey into the world of nonfiction. She has published articles, short stories, vignettes, newsletters, commentary, op-eds, poetry, and blogs. What started as a local small print desktop publishing venture is indeed a “worldwide” publishing ministry.


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