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Majestic Worldwide Ministries, Inc. is broad-based to cover every aspect of the Christian life. The creative mind and power of the Holy Spirit work through the visionary empowering and enabling her to convey the Word of God through four (4) primary methods to meet the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the masses.



Evangelism & Outreach Ministry


The World Wide Web and social media platforms are the fastest growing technological method for advancing the Kingdom of God and reaching out to millions of souls with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Majestic Worldwide Ministries Inc. ( is the primary online presence to educate, encourage, empower, and inspire thousands globally. An Internet presence on other social networks will be used to reach millions in promoting hope through faith in Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:16-20).


By partnering with other non-profit social service agencies and faith-based community centers, we will seek to encourage and support families to enhance their quality of life. Community development is critical to the survival of families, the stability of neighborhoods, and the financial success of us all. As a Certified Christian Counselor, we are committed to providing effective biblical counseling to help others become spiritually and emotionally mature in their Christian walk of faith. As a Certified Volunteer with Prison Fellowship Ministry, we are committed to partnering with others to transform lives through in-prison ministry, outreach activities, and missions ministry. ( (Matthew 28:16-20).



Literary Ministry


Just as God's written Word, the Holy Bible, was inspired by the Holy Spirit and written by men, the same Holy Spirit inspires men and women today to write as a method of communicating God's truths.

Majestic Worldwide Ministries is a channel through which the Holy Spirit

inspires His servant to write what thus says the Lord for print publication,

whether the genre is nonfiction, fiction, or poetry. Teaching materials and

Christian education curriculum will be written, produced,

and published for distribution in print publication and online.



Word Ministry (Preaching/Teaching/Lecturing)


Whether bible teaching, extemporaneous/expository preaching, exhortation, or motivational speaking, biblical principles will always be set forth, and doctrines will be taught in various settings, i.e., Bible studies (churches, homes/prisons), schools, community centers, conferences, seminars, and workshops. Through humor, simplicity, and transparency, audiences will be able to understand the plan of salvation and apply biblical principles in practical living to enhance their Christian walk of faith so that they are equipped for every good work. (II Timothy 3). Inspirational messages and words of encouragement are online.



Prayer Ministry


Prayer is vital in the life of the believer, and the effectiveness of the ministry. In fact, it is the lifeline that keeps the believer connected to the True Vine. Prayer is the vehicle by which believers invoke the presence and power of God into the affairs of men. Therefore, teaching will be offered in churches, prayer conferences, and revivals.  Intercessory prayer

is a passionate call for the work of ministry.










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