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New Podcast: Prayer Refocus


This is your official invitation to add the PRAYER REFOCUS PODCAST to your listening and learning platform. We don’t just talk about prayer, we pray and praise. In each episode we delve into the profound topic of prayer, to refocus our minds and spirits. Our purpose is to focus attention more on the One we’re approaching rather than ourselves.

You’re invited to join founder and host, Queen Esther Phillips, an inspirational voice and intercessor in the Body of Christ. She has a wealth of experience in prayer, praise, and spiritual encouragement. If you've been looking for a way to refocus your life through prayer, this podcast for you.

Understanding Prayer

Prayer is more than just a religious ritual; it's the privilege granted to communicate with the Creator of the Universe, a way of pouring out your heart, and a means of seeking Divine guidance from the One who knows everything. It's a spiritual discipline that lets us align our thoughts with God, enabling us to view life from a more enlightened perspective. Through prayer, we can refocus our minds, eliminate distractions, and concentrate on what truly matters in our lives.

The Power of Prayer

Queen Esther Phillips believes in the transformative power of prayer. She says, "Prayer is the key that unlocks all the storehouses of infinite wisdom and power. It's the breath of the soul, the secret of spiritual power." She emphasizes that no matter what you're going through, prayer can provide comfort, strength, and direction. It can refocus your life, giving you a new perspective and enabling you to face your challenges with courage through faith in Jesus the Christ who is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Let's Talk, Pray & Praise

Queen Esther invites everyone to engage in a meaningful conversation about prayer. She encourages us to share our experiences, insights, and testimonies about the power of prayer in our lives. It's a chance to learn from each other, to uplift each other, and to grow together in our faith. As we talk, we also pray and praise - reinforcing our faith and drawing closer to God.


Refocusing through prayer is an enriching spiritual journey that brings us closer to God so that we are beacons of His light and expressions of His love in daily living. It take us on the path of righteouosness as we grow in grace. Whether you're a seasoned prayer warrior or a beginner in this spiritual discipline, let this podcast serve as an inspiration to refocus your life through the power of prayer. Remember, as Queen Esther Phillips beautifully puts it, "Prayer is the key to a refocused, fulfilling, and purpose-driven life."


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