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It's here! 2021:

Can you believe it? 2021 is here!

It has been a very challenging 2020 to say the least! Nevertheless, if you're reading this blog post, you now have an opportunity to begin again.

Many will say they want to forget 2020 because of all the calamity, challenges, loss and grief caused by the global pandemic. However, I am not certain that we should forget. If we forget, we have no measurement for where God brought us from or how He provided for us and protected so many of us. We survived it all! That is something we should remember!

Yes, we mourn with the thousands who suffered great losses—death of family and friends, employment, and possessions. We dare deny the pain of 2020. Neither can we deny the faithfulness of God to His people. Therefore, we must trust Him to empower us to start fresh with a new perspective and that we are still here for purpose.

Life's interruptions have a way of reminding us what matters most.

I pray that you and your family receive the portion God has just for you. May you experience His peace, which supersedes our understanding. May the love of Christ in you permeate your sphere of influence and overflow to others. May your hope in Christ be your portion as you trust Him as Lord of your life. May the stripes that Jesus took bring healing to your broken heart, and may you experience emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Happy New Year!


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