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Holiday Season Poem of Comfort

I know I'm not the only one who will be missing a loved one this Christmas. I pray this poem inspires you to place your trust in the Father to get you through the holiday season. Like you; I remember...

The holidays can be bittersweet when our loved ones have gone to sleep.
It can be difficult to celebrate
Trying to laugh and be merry with heartache.
That first Christmas seems most painful to say the least
We find ourselves crying when others are enjoying the feast.
I know everybody deals with grief differently
Yet I find myself asking, "Is it just me?
How long will the pain of separation last?"
It feels like tomorrow is in the past.
Some try to offer words of comfort to ease the pain
Others are afraid they'll say something to cause shame.
So everybody will come and go
Trying their best to let the spirit of love flow.
At the end of the day when all is quiet and calm
Prayerfully, we'll experience the Presence of the healing Balm.
Embrace Him as He holds you in His arm...
"Peace, my child", He will whisper.
"I know your pain is too much to bear
So, I've come to let you know how much I care."


© 12/10/12 Queen E. Phillips


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