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Blooming Flowers Project

"Nurturing Homeless Teens into Beautiful Flowers"

While browsing my Instagram page, I saw a new follower and comment on one of my trending posts (#MaleahDavis). The stunning logo captured my attention with its colorful design. Not to mention, I love flowers. I read some of the posts on their page and browsed their website. It was an aha moment. Immediately, I saw the three (3) concepts of my ministry brand:

  • Inspiration.

  • Impartation.

  • Innovation.

As I continued browsing the site, I knew this was no ordinary project. It had to have been birth out of purpose, divinely planned to positively impact a generation of young minds who are created for greatness, but often overlooked—teenage girls, ages 14-17. These young girls have been rescued from various environments and places that could have been their destruction. However, thanks to the founder, Mrs. Shalonda Phillips, they are blooming in the garden of life.

These young ladies are receiving the inspiration they need to remain hopeful of seeing the beauty of life after experiencing its ugliness in their past. They are now receiving an impartation of knowledge and being nourished as beautiful flowers in a fertile environment about to bloom in life's garden. They are being restored and healed from the deep wounds caused by trauma that affected them physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are now in a thriving and healthy environment learning life skills that will empower them to live purposeful, powerful, and productive lives.

What is most innovative about this home for teenage girls is a container home. It is beautifully designed out of shipping containers. This kind of innovation is definitely out-of-the-box thinking, which will make living out of the box a reality for young minds. They will be living proof that thinking big and dreaming big can result in unimaginable possibilities.

Why not take look for yourself! Visit While you are browsing, you can seize the opportunity to TAKE ACTION! It’s a great investment.

Some items needed:

· Furniture

· Linens

· Dishes

· Feminine Hygiene Products

· Shampoo/Conditioner

· Underwear (Panties/Bras)

· Socks

· Toothbrushes/toothpaste

· Combs/Brushes

· Blow dryers

· Curling irons/flat irons

· Lotion

· Shaving cream/Razors


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