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A New Season

How to know if your season is changing.

Photo credit: S. Bell

I love autumn. To me, it is the season of perfection! In many geographical locations, the weather is perfect, the temperature is perfect—not too hot and not too cold. This time of the year is a picture-perfect display of nature’s breathtaking beauty. Seeing the multicolored leaves on the trees that line highways and roads is like beholding nature on a living canvas. The gold, red, orange leaves, mixed with the evergreens should remind us of the beauty of diversity.

The fall season is a yearly reminder that growth and change are an inevitable part of the lifecycle. Although the leaves fall to the ground, to me, they are a visible sign of seasonal change and the set times for every purpose under heaven, even ours.

As seasons change, so do seasons in our lives. However, it is sometimes difficult for us humans to recognize when a new season is upon us, and it is time for a change. Unlike trees, we have no leaves that change colors! But what we do have is a mind, soul, and spirit. As these highly intellectual beings, we are often out of sync with what our Creator has purposed for us. However, in His wisdom and desire to relate to us He created us in His image and likeness by giving us a will—freedom to choose. His desire has always been and still is that we will choose Him wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, we make choices that are contrary to what He wants for us. We are likely to make decisions based on our emotions. Sometimes we make good decisions, and other times bad ones dependent upon how we feel at the time. Yet, we are God’s masterpiece; He planned for us to do good things and to live as He has always wanted us to live. That is why is so important that we know the times and seasons He has purposed for our lives.

While the fall season with the colorful trees is a display of God’s majestic creativity, they are not His masterpiece, we are! Trees are a part of the earth’s landscape along with all the Sovereign Lord’s creation (Psalms 104:1-32). Under His providence, He has determined,

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” -Ecclesiastes 3:1

Although His desire is for us to recognize the seasons and times He has planned for our lives, He does not force us. He lets us make the decision. Unfortunately, when we do not ask for His wisdom and seek His guidance, we risk missing seasons of opportunity. We miss appointed times and assignments God planned to change the trajectory of our life, our family and all that concerns us. Because He knows the end from the beginning, He already made provision for our finiteness and limited knowledge. Therefore, what we miss, He uses it to redirect us. No wonder Paul said,

“Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgment and His ways past finding out!” -Romans 11:33

Undoubtedly, some people may view this pandemic from such a negative perspective that they miss the era of a new season filled with great possibilities, and amazing opportunities. Of course, we dare not ignore the pain, suffering, grief, and loss of thousands of lives. The devastating effect of coronavirus pandemic is a global reality. Yet, in a time of discomfort, despair, disappointment, and powerlessness individuals are experiencing a new season—change is careers, business opportunities, new ways of conducting business, thinking outside of the box, stepping out on faith and trusting God, implementing innovative ministry projects to make a difference in the lives of others, and adjusting to non-traditional worship.

Since we are not like trees with leaves that change to magnificent colors and eventually fall off, how can we know we are entering a new season and greater is coming? Here are some signs:

  • It starts with a change in your attitude. Your thought-life changes. You start thinking more about your future, the possibilities, and what you want to do that value to life and positively impact others. You may recall your goals and dreams. Word of caution: These thoughts may cause you to become frustrated if you dwell on them from a negative perspective. Be careful that negative thoughts do not override positive thoughts and become regrets. This is about moving forward!

  • Your self-perception changes. Past mistakes and failures no longer blur your vision for living a purposeful life. Your perspective changes as if a burst of light breaks through the veil of negative thoughts that blinded you to the truth that greatness is within you. You have a new outlook on life fueled with hope!

  • Your daily routine becomes drudgery. What brought you pleasure before is now a displeasing and dreaded chore that adds no value to your life. It all seems meaningless. For example, you may dread getting up going to the same job where you outgrew your mundane responsibilities; you feel like you are suffocating.

  • You begin to re-evaluate your relationships. You start to see people for who they are. What you have tolerated becomes intolerable. Your circle of friends starts to look different. You no longer value their opinions or expect their approval. You realize they are satisfied with the status quo and do not want change. Deep within your soul is a yearning for more. You have a hunger and thirst for the greater you feel is calling you. You are ready to take the leap of faith.

  • You sense an urgency to pursue your passion. You realize you have settled for less and now is the time to get out of the box you placed yourself in and allowed others to keep you contained.

  • You start researching and looking for resources in your area of interest. You stir up the gifts you have buried because of fear. You become relentless in your search for more. You are willing to enhance your skills and knowledge by pursuing that degree, starting that business, and launching that that ministry project for kingdom purpose.

  • You know you should spend more time in prayer, meditation, and seeking God for direction. The still small voice will not let you be content with complacency. Your spirit is restless. When your spirit is restless you manifest it outwardly. It is easy for you to become agitated and irritable.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of signs that your season is changing. God deals with us differently; His plans and purpose for our lives are unique. Therefore, He prompts and guides us in many ways. If we really want to know God’s set times and the seasons of our life, we should be persistent in prayer, diligent students of God’s Word, treasure times of meditation, and private worship. It requires total submission to Jesus Christ as Lord over your life. Trust Him to complete the good work He began in you. God has always and will continue to want the best for you and for you to live a distinctive lifestyle that gives glory to Him.

Let us shift now to a spiritual perspective. Although I love the beauty of the fall season, I know that winter is coming. Personally, I do not care for winter—freezing temperatures, icy roads, and snow. That is obviously out of my control. To get through the winter, I look forward to Spring when new life will spring forth. Then there is Summer—scorching temperature, especially in the South. And before you know it, picture-perfect autumn is here again. As the beauty painted on nature’s living canvas disappears, nature is consistent, and whether we like it or not, want it or not, a new season will come and with that change comes death and new life. It is the lifecycle recorded in Ecclesiastes 3:2-8.

Unlike trees, we have a soul and spirit that is eternal. It is our divine connection with the Eternal God that we can know when our seasons are about to change. His Spirit reveals to our spirit there is more (1 Corinthians 2:10). And when the spiritual seasons change in your life here on earth, winter comes but it is not the end because new life in eternity awaits everyone who has received Jesus Christ by faith.

Therefore, pursue God now. Seek Him; call upon Him while He is near. His Holy Spirit will reveal to you the times and seasons He purposed for your life on earth, which will prepare you for eternity. Only then can you experience the abundant life Christ came to give. Only then can you live on purpose using the gifts, talents, and skills He gave you to do what you were born to with passion and commitment living for the praise of His glory.

Embrace your season of opportunity. Behold the new and move forward even in a pandemic. Know you are destined to win whether in your now or eternity.


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1 comentário

Gail Aberman
Gail Aberman
18 de out. de 2020

I live in Los Angeles where there is not an obvious change of seasons. I do know I have entered a new season of breakthroughs and breaking out of the confines of the things of the past that held me back! The glass ceiling of what I can achieve in Messiah has been shattered because it was imposed by religion and not by God YHWH! I am experiencing new joy and a childlike nature of wanting to learn and grow as I eagerly anticipate the return of Yeshua HaMashiach! I do believe the new opportunities are being opened up to me right now! I am ready for the leap of faith as I have been preparing for my next step…

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