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The Transformational Coach

Queen E. Phillips



What goals do you desire to achieve but never pursued because you gave yourself one excuse after another?


Perhaps you had a legitimate reason for not pursuing your goals, at some point, but there is never a legitimate excuse. It is easy for legitimate reasons to turn into excuses when you allow yourself to keep overanalyzing temporary reasons. As a result, you settle and become satisfied or complacent with the status quo.


What dreams have you given up on because of fear?


It is not a reason or excuse to bury your dreams. When you are fearful, it is your innate need to seek guidance and wisdom from the One who has put within you dreams for greatness --God, the Creator of the universe.


 You have no more excuses. I have your solution! I have the keys you need to unlock the greatness that is within you.


I am excited about your transformation.












I will help you do the following:

  • Identify personal goals and make plans to achieve them

  • Explore options and challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone

  • Remove roadblocks such as fear, procrastination, perfectionism and hold you accountable to stay on the path to success, always moving forward

  • Ultimately, as your coach, I will assist and guide you in getting to the desired result. 

I will help you reach your desired result by... 

  • Providing training and consultation to give you the keys to access what is already within you.

  • Motivating you to implement what you learn or already know.

  • Encouraging and pushing you to move forward and let go of past mistakes and failures

  • Offering inspirational resources to keep you focused, faithful and fearless. 

  • Holding you accountable and challenging you to launch out and activate your gift(s) to help others.

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