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Overcome more than frustration after taking this course Overcome the Power of Frustration walks you gently and compassionately through the common problem of frustration and offers solutions for you to become confident and in control. The course walks you through understanding what frustration is and where it arises from, teaches you to examine whether what you’re feeling is based on truth, and asks you to determine whether the issue is even something you can control. Always you are given examples of common frustrations AND solutions that you can use right now, this minute! You are given the tools to be able to focus your attention on truth rather than on the frustrations and I can see how these tools could be used to overcome many other problems with a little practice.


The value you get from this course depends on how well you learn the lessons (and I don’t mean how well you do on the quizzes at the end)


If frustration is something you’ve ever struggled against you need this course.

Are you or someone you know struggling to forgive an offense?  This course will walk you through the dangers associated with unforgiveness AND help you see forgiveness from God's perspective. 

Life's challenges and the chaos that seems to leave us frustrated and on an emotional roller coaster are commonplace in society. Learn how to overcome the frustrations that rob you of your inner peace. 

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